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Lip Syncing in Concert

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I am not a fan of any laws or rules and regulations, however this one did amuse me. Britney Spears is currently touring Australia with a number of concerts. Apparently she is upset because a politician made a comment that they should pass a requirement for all live acts to clearly indicate on all tickets whether the shows are actually live or mimed/lip synced.

I love it, begs the question however, would Cindi Lauper, Boy George, Madonna, Kylie Minogue or sister Danni ever have got off the ground, if they couldn't lip sync? I was at a live performance where Danni Minogue did sing live and aside from giving her full marks for bravery, it was a performance that had me feeling sorry for her, it was unbearable. Of course, she is now a TV talent show judge!

I think it is an unenforceable regulation, as the people who go to these type of performances deserved to be deceived 🙂


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November 9, 2009 at 9:16 pm

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